Golf courses and golf clubs have discovered that Suite Seats are an effective, visible and memorable way to enhance the guest experience. Golf-cart dealers who have installed Suite Seats in their rental fleets know that Suite Seats make their fleets special, which results in repeat and new business.

Why are Suite Seats perfect for golf courses, golf clubs and golf-cart fleets?

Suite Seats buy time. In an era when golf courses, golf clubs and golf-cart dealers are trying to squeeze extra years out of their existing fleets, the installation of Suite Seats is a cost-effective way to greatly improve the carts without having to invest in new ones.

Suite Seats improve the user experience for members and guests. Golfers love the beauty and comfort of Suite Seats.

Suite Seats help with branding. With Suites Seats custom Embroidery, golf courses, golf clubs and golf-cart dealers set themselves apart from the crowd and reinforce their brand.

“We place a lot of value on creating the most enjoyable golfing experience we can for our members and their guests and believe the cart is an integral part of that.”

-Greg McKush, Director of Golf for The Meadows at Mystic Lake