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Make your locker room stand out with the addition of United Commercial Upholstery’s line of locker room cushions.

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Whether it’s a brand new locker room suite or a simple locker room upgrade our locker room cushions are a smart choice.  Using our cushions enhances your locker room with their unique combination of visual pizazz, quality construction, comfort…and all at an affordable price.  These are sure to be the qualities you are looking for to create the most professional locker experience possible.

With the addition of our new ProCushion series that includes the latest in natural germ fighting defense there are even more reasons why you would want to include our cushions into your locker room suite.

Create a positive, professional locker room atmosphere.  Schools are competing for recruits…health clubs for membership…don’t underestimate the WOW factor when furnishing your locker room facilities.  Our cushion will significantly impact how much your locker room suite pops out.

They are affordable & easy to order.  Because of our experience we know what to ask and what to suggest and this helps ensure a trouble free experience.

Available in hundreds of colors & textures.  Whether it’s your school colors or your locker room projects interior décor this assures a complete integration of the cushions into your projects color design.

Your logo can be included.  Not only will the color(s) match but your school or corporate logo can easily be incorporated into the cushion in our state of the art digital printing department.

Creates a comfortable locker.  We use only 100% virgin marine grade foam in our cushions.  Not only is it just the right softness but the foam also is embedded with biocides that help prevent mold and mildew.

Meets CAL 117 requirement.  All of the vinyl and foam we use meets California’s CAL 117 fire retardant requirement.

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