Continued Growth

United Commercial Upholstery recently expanded into an additional 5000 square feet of warehouse. Continued growth and an increase in production are always a good problem to have.  Fortunately, the new warehouse space is part of an existing building that is already connected to the UCU’s primary production space.  This new area will serve as a […]

Suite Seats Introduces Their New Villager Line

New to the lineup of custom replacement golf car seats is the Villager Line. Patent pending, this new seat is made with a reduced center bolster to allow for a more generous seating area.  It is also constructed with softer foam and new seam lines.  The Villager Line is available in both the Standard Suite […]

Suite Seats releases custom golf cart replacement seat for the new Yamaha Drive 2

Suite Seats recently began manufacturing custom golf cart replacement seats for the newly released Yamaha Drive 2.  Designed to fit the updated chassis on the new generation Yamaha Drive 2, these seats are a perfect complement for the new series QuieTech gas powered and PowerTech electric golf carts.  Built with the same high quality marine […]

UCU Expands Their Marine Division

United Commercial Upholstery, Inc. of New Ulm, a longtime manufacturer of OEM products and Suite Seats custom golf cart seats, has announced that they are expanding their Marine division and will make these new products available directly to the consumers via e-commerce on their new Amazon Store.  Operating under their new division name, Suite Marine, […]

UCU Manufactures for Wenger Corporation

Our relationship as a supplier to Wenger Corporation initially started with us manufacturing cushions for their Gear Boss line of high end Athletic Lockers. Each of Wengers’ locker projects is highly customized to the teams requirements it was critical to them that we be able to produce quality cushions that were unique in size, shape, color, team […]

UCU Manufactures Center Console for EVannex!

In late 2012, Roger Pressman, the founder and Managing Partner of EVannex, was in the process of developing a design for a Center Console Insert (CCI), an aftermarket accessory for the revolutionary electric vehicle, the Tesla Model S. His business model defined all the technology needed to produce the CCI, but when it came to the […]

UCU Working with SPECTRUM AeroMED

SPECTRUM AeroMED, a world leader in customized Air Ambulance Emergency Medical Systems found it necessary to find a new supplier for all of its upholstered and sewn product sub-components. Because many of their customers require certain unique, one of a kind features we were able to provide Spectrum with a wider array of customization options and […]

Suite Seats are as Functional as they are Attractive

According to Phil Vorwerk, President of United Commercial Upholstery (UCU), Suite Seatscustom replacement seats are unique in that they are as functional as they are attractive.” “That makes the investment in Suite Seats an easy decision for a lot of golf car owners.” This means… …“Consider for a moment”, says Phil, “that the seat is the […]

Suite Seats Introduces Their New Touring Edition at the PGA Show

United Commercial Upholstery (UCU) introduced their newest edition to their wildly popular Suite Seats line of custom golf cart seats called the Touring Edition at the recent PGA show.  According to Stan Stenten with Stenten’s Golf Cart Accessories the dealers really liked what they saw.  Says Stan “the Touring Edition seats were very well received and the feedback we got was they […]