United Commercial Upholstery FAQ’s

Where are you located?
We are located in the Midwest in the great state of Minnesota…specifically in the south central part (about a 1 ½ hours south of Minneapolis/St. Paul). Given our proximity to the interstate system you are guaranteed a very efficient shipping rate.

How long have you been in business?
We originally incorporated in 2000. Since then we have grown from one original employee to 60 with a combined deep experience in proto-typing design and manufacturing for the industries we serve.

What industries do you serve?
Our original clients tended to be in outdoor recreation, such as boats, pontoons & hunting. However over the years we have expanded the industries we serve, so in addition to several boat & pontoon manufacturers, we also work with children’s furniture, automobile, medical, locker rooms, golf carts & material handling.

Can you help me design a product idea I have?
Absolutely, on several occasions we have been approached by inventers who have a great product idea and needed help with production. It all starts with the design and our objective is always the same; to create a smart design that results in a quality item that is cost effective to produce. Please see click here for a great example of how we helped one entrepreneur take his idea to market.

Do you sub-contract anything overseas?
No…working with us means you will have a 100% American made product. In recent years we have assisted several clients in transitioning from using a foreign source to us.

Can you work with CAD technology?
Yes, we have incorporated CAD based systems throughout our manufacturing facility.

Do you offer a Turn Key option?
Yes. As you review our website you’ll find that we specialize in working with our clients right from the beginning with the design & prototyping, on through production and shipping. Warehousing & order fulfillment may also be an option.

I see you offer Contract Services, how does that work?
It’s really a part of our Turn Key option in that if you require only a limited service from us we are glad to produce only what you need. These limited services range from CNC based wood & fabric cutting to sewing, upholstery, design & proto-typing.

Do you supply the raw materials such as vinyl, foam & wood?
Usually we do because our volume purchases of vinyl/fabric, foam & wood ensure you are getting it at a great price. However there certainly have been occasions where the vinyl or fabric was shipped to us by the client. If it works best for you supply the raw goods we are glad to accommodate.

What are your lead times?
This is going to vary depending on each client’s situation. However we take a lot of pride in meeting clients lead times and work with several clients who practice Just in Time Delivery.

What are you minimums?
Again, as with the case of lead times, it depends on each situation. However we recognize the value we can bring to you by allowing for smaller production runs.

Do you work with blanket Purchase Orders?
Yes. Several clients take advantage of this and we are able to pass the savings associated with blanket orders on to them.

What’s the 1st step?
Give us a call at 507-359-2277. It shouldn’t take very long to determine if we are a good business fit for your company.