[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]What do ProCushions cost?
Of course it depends on the specifications (size, thickness, Qty.) but our standard cushion, with out a logo, runs about $40 – $60 each

Will ProCushions work with my unique locker design?
Absolutely, ProCushions are 100% customizable to your specifications.

How do ProCushions attach to the locker?
They are available in two types; wood & loose.  By using ¾” plywood the ProCushion can actually function as the locker bin lid or use ½” plywood and screw them onto the locker lid from the bottom.  The loose type of cushion simply rests on the locker bin top.  One advantage to a loose cushion is they are reversible which essentially doubles the life of the cushion.

How thick are ProCushions?
They range from 1 ½” – 3” thick.  A general rule of thumb is the thicker the softer however for many of our customers the atheistic look of a 2” cushion seems to be the most popular.

Do you also do back cushions?
Yes, and as with the bottom cushions, they are available as a loose cushion or wood backed.  If you would like we can affix Velcro strips to the loose cushion to help it stay in place.

Are ProCushions available for benches?
Certainly, because they are made to order they can be manufactured in any size or shape.

Can I get the cushions in different colors?  Yes we have hundreds of different colored vinyls to choose.  Give us a PMS color and we will match it up as close as possible to a high quality vinyl.

Can a logo be incorporated on the ProCushion surface?  Yes, we have two different logo options to choose from.  The most popular option is digital printing. We use state of the art printers and UV curing inks and the colors can be matched to PMS colors.  We also offer embroidery with our own in-house embroidery department.

Do you work with CAD drawings?
Yes, we use CAD based technology in both our CNC fabric cutting operation as well a KOMO CNC wood cutting machine.

Is there a minimum quantity I have to order?  No

What is the typical lead time?
Once we receive the purchase order it is typically 3 – 4 weeks.

Are there specifications when submitting art?
Yes, when sending art / image files we recommend sending them as Vector files whenever possible. Please see Artwork Specifications.

Where are ProCushions made?
They are 100% American Made in the great state of Minnesota.

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