Suite Seats Now Offers Quick Ship Program…
United Commercial Upholstery’s (UCU) proprietary line of golf car seating, Suite Seats, is now offering a quick ship program.  UCU has built a reputation of quality and short production lead times in golf car seating.

“In conversations UCU has with the buyer in our industry, it’s expressed that seats enhance and drive sales of golf cars, says Jim Templin of UCU/Suite Seats, “The quick ship program is another means to increase dealer revenue”.  A golf car sale by a dealer can depend upon the production/delivery time of the seats themselves. 

In January, 2019, UCU was able to acquire additional space for production and storage, gaining the ability to offer a quick ship program.  The UCU standard two week lead time was shortened to two days on select styles of the custom Suite Seats and the Legacy Line (UCU’s OEM version), both in a variety of colors.

Additional information is available by calling UCU at 507-359-2277.