United Commercial Upholstery, Inc. of New Ulm, a longtime manufacturer of OEM products and Suite Seats custom golf cart seats, has announced that they are expanding their Marine division and will make these new products available directly to the consumers via e-commerce on their new Amazon Store.  Operating under their new division name, Suite Marine, they will retail replacement boat seats, and other soon to be announced marine products.

Phil and Chris Vorwerk, owners of UCU, Inc. decided to pursue this new online retail venture because of the number of requests they fielded for individual replacement boat seats.  Online retail is a new endeavor to them.  They are strictly a manufacturer and sell directly to dealers and companies that contract with them to design and manufacture their products.  United Commercial Upholstery Inc., formerly located in Nicollet, moved into their New Ulm headquarters in 2013.  At that time they employed 13 people.  Continued growth and development now accounts for 40 full time employees.