In late 2012, Roger Pressman, the founder and Managing Partner of EVannex, was in the process of developing a design for a Center Console Insert (CCI), an aftermarket accessory for the revolutionary electric vehicle, the Tesla Model S.

His business model defined all the technology needed CCIto produce the CCI, but when it came to the quilted upholstered side panels, he recognized that his company needed a production upholstery specialist.

He contacted us and working collaboratively with Roger, we were able to design, prototype, and produce an attractive upholstered component that met Rogers target cost.

“In our view, UCU isn’t just a production upholstery fabricator. They provided upholstery expertise we didn’t have when we really needed it, and worked with us through multiple prototypes until we achieved what we wanted. The CCI now gets rave reviews from Tesla owners, in no small part because of the care UCU takes when it produces our product’s upholstered side panels.”


Roger & Matt Pressman, Partners, EVannex

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